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About Mrityunjay Yoga

Mrityunjay Yoga is a research oriented, therapy based, Yoga organisation working towards providing holistic way of treatment for most common diseases. Unlike most yoga institute, we don’t focus on just teaching asanas rather we focus on using asanas to cure diseases and ailments.

We are research based organisation, where we study lifestyle diseases and conduct research on how to treat them with yoga. We have successfully treated diseases like back pain, slip disc, diabetes, thyroid, high B.P, gastric and acidity problem, depression, anxiety, infertility, anaemia etc.

We believe in ancient yogic method of treatment and it’s our endeavour to bring people’s faith back in yoga and yogic approach.

What is our motive?

Introducing Yoga to maximum

As a lover and admirer of Yoga we have taken upon ourselves to connect maximum people with it. Having understood the importance of yoga in shaping society and world, it is our duty to spread it to maximum people and help change the society for good.

Cure through Yogic therapy

Most people are still ignorant about the power of yogic science and therapeutic value. Yoga was given to us for a purpose, to keep us healthy and keep diseases at bay. But as the time progressed and we indulged in modernisation, all got lost in the sands of time.

We at our center practice yoga as a treatment method. We have successfully treated many lifestyle and chronic diseases that medical science declared as untreatable.

Spiritual approach

Other than keeping us healthy and our body flexible, Yoga is also practised for spiritual purpose. The purpose of yoga in spiritual terms is to connect with the divine. Ancient yogis practised yoga to attain the state of ultimate bliss. Yoga asana prepares for the higher level of meditation. We often conduct Bhakti Yoga and other form of Yoga to make people aware of the spiritual aspect of Yoga as well.

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Our Services

Regular Batch

We have regular morning and evening classes. Regular batch are for those who wants to do yoga for fitness and healthy lifestyle. People of all age group can be part of this batch provided they are not suffering from any kind of ailments. This is generic batch focused on teaching asanas and providing maximum stretching and flexibility.

Healing Batch

This is a therapy based class where an individual is treated of their ailments with the help of special yoga asana curated especially for their problem. This is specific class for people with some kinds of physical or mental problem. A personal trainer is appointed for the patient who note down their case history and accordingly work on their problem.

Teacher Training

We also conduct teacher training program for students willing to learn Yoga. This is a six-months certificate program where students are given complete yoga training. The program is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical training. The practical training includes strength straining, teacher training, advance asana training, etc. In theoretical part complete yoga theory is taught.

Yoga Scouting

We organise various yoga competitions and events.

Online Classes

We also conduct online classes for those who are unable to come to the class due to some reasons or are living in different state. The classes are conducted through skype.


We conduct various workshops and events at regular intervals. The workshops are conducted in different cities and even outside India. We have successfully conducted 150+ yoga workshops around the country.



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