Mrityunjay Yoga was instituted by Smt. Manju Jha in 2008. She was associated with Yoga from quite young age, but she never thought of taking up yoga as a career or starting a yoga institute. But fate has something else for her in store, at the age of thirty she met an accident and got bed ridden. At that time, she kind of had vision and she used up all her will power to cure herself and get her out of that hospital room. She started practicing Yoga and within a month she was perfectly fine. After having near death experience and personally experiencing the miraculous effect of Yoga she decided to dedicate her life for Yoga. She started educating herself and went on to acquire degree in Yoga and philosophy. She wanted everyone to experience what she experiences through Yoga. Today she is revered as ‘Guru Maa’ by her students and well-wishers. Her aura and personality reflect her yogic life. She is a wife and mother of three children, she takes care of them like every normal Indian woman yet there is something about her that makes standout. Her spiritual inclination and philosophical bend of mind enable her to stand the true meaning of life. She constantly works to hone her spiritual skill. She meditates for 3-4 hours every day, she says that it helps her connect with herself. She has cured many people of their physical issue with proper yoga practice. Her yoga techniques are different, and she teaches even most complicated yoga pose in simplistic manner. She provides mental and physical upliftment to those who are burdened with complexities of life and are stressed out with modern life. Her meditation session work as medicine for even most stressed out mind. She wants people to embrace Yoga and make it an integral part of their everyday life.​