Meditation Workshop

Meditation Workshop Day 1 :A six-day long meditation workshop commenced from today, 15th October at Mrityunjay Yoga, Shubhash Stadium branch. The first day was all about knowing the nuances and meaning of meditation. The class was conducted by meditation expert, Mrs. Sarika Swami.She explaianed what is meditation and how to…


Yoga Retreat at Parvati Valley | Himachal Pradesh

Yoga Retreat At Parvati Valley Himachal Pradesh A team of Mrityunjay Yoga recently went on a ten-day long trip to Himachal Pradesh. The expedition was taken by seven members of Mrityunjay Yoga team including, digital marketing faculties and few trainers.  The trip was arranged with the purpose of conducting yoga…


A Special Yoga Session With Handicapped Basketball Team

A Special Yoga Session With Handicapped Basketball Team Mrityunjay Yoga conducted a special yoga session with Chhattisgarh’s handicapped basketball team. The basketball team consists of very talented young boys and girls who have some amazing basketball skills. Though their legs are disabled, their hands and fingers can do wonder with…


Invitation Yoga Exhibition

Mriyunjay Yoga Welcomes You To The First Ever Yoga-Exhibition​ Hey you Yoga lovers, here is the perfect news to make your sanguine Saturday more cheerful. Mrityunjay Yoga is organising first ever Yoga exhibition on Saturday, June 15. This might be first event of its kind in the city. The event…


Bhakti Yog Session

Bhakti Yoga Session BHAKTI YOGASESSION To mark the auspicious occasion of Ramanavami and Durga Ashtami, a special Bhakti yog session was organised at Mrityunjay Yoga’s Shubhash Stadium branch. This special event was arranged for with the purpose of channelling our inner spiritual conscience and energy and use it for the…


Suryanamashkar Weekend

Suryanamashkar Weekend SURYANAMASHKARWEEKEND ‘Suryanamaskar’, or ‘Sun salutation’ holds an important place in yoga. It is composed of set of twelve asanas. Scientifically speaking, Sun is a star composed of gases and it is the source of all the energies. In Hindu mythology sun holds an important place. Sun is worshipped…

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