Yoga Day : A Day to Celebrate the True Essence of Yoga​

21st June has been internationally recognised as ‘Yoga Day’. Now, that’s a matter of pride for me both as an Indian and a Yoga enthusiast. However, I find it really ironic that people with no whatsoever connection or knowledge of yoga preach about yoga on this particular day. Those who really know and practice yoga have been doing so and without much humdrum or spotlight on them. They have been treating people and making them fit both mentally and physically without government aid or any political party interfering in their business.

Mrityunjay Yoga is one such institute which has been conducting yoga classes since last ten years. Mrityunjay Yoga is a large family, hundreds of people on physical level and thousands through digital portal are connected with us. On daily basis we conduct classes and teach yoga to those who come to us in our class. But we rarely get time to connect with our online members and hence this yoga day we decided to connect all of Mrityunjay Yoga family and celebrate this day together doing that one thing which connect us all.

yoga day pic2

Manju Jha ma’am, conducted the class on yoga day on the terrace of Shubhash Stadium at 6 am. The whole class was live streamed on Facebook and Instagram connecting thousands of students and followers all at once. More than fifty students were present in class as well. Even though others were on the other side of the screen but mentally we were connected to that one voice which was commanding the asanas and guiding us through each pose.

In the two-hour long class there wasn’t a single dull moment. The class wasn’t totally centralised on conducting asana but was informative as well. Manju Jha ma’am explained the benefits of each asanas and pranayama and its effect on body she gave a lot of other health related knowledge as well.

This was very unusual yoga day celebration for us in close surrounding with close people without creating much humdrum about the day. We celebrated the true essence of yoga and hope we will keep inspiring and  treating people for the years to come.

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