Yoga Exhibition By Mrityunjay Yoga
Marked New Dawn In The Field Of Yoga​

There is a saying that ‘if you are not doing something different, you are not doing anything’, and we try to abide by the saying by coming up with something different every time. Mrityunjay Yoga has been a trend-setter in the fiend of yoga. We have grown as a company and as an individual in the past couple of years. We have achieved many feats and accolades in the field of yoga by doing things different than the norms.

On the completion of one year of service of Mrityunjay Yoga at Shubhash Stadium, we organised a day long yoga exhibition. The exhibition was also combined with certificate giving ceremony of the students who completed six months TTC program.  It’s not often that you hear about something called yoga exhibition. Exhibition is a place where you exhibit or showcase work, either art and craft or painting etc. However, in this yoga exhibition we decided to showcase our work in pictorial form.

exhibition day

Mrityunjay Yoga is ten years old company and throughout these years we have done hundreds of workshops and treated hundreds of patients through yoga. We are a therapy based institute where we treat patients with yoga therapy but a lot of people are oblivion to therapeutic value of yoga and only practice it as a form of physical exercise. It was with this motive of educating people that we organised this event. All our work, every people we have been associated with and every workshops we have taken, everything was put out in the open for people to see and understand the power and value of yoga.

A case history of all the patients we have ever treated, was made and print of their healing journey was put out on the wall. This was our endeavour to associate more and more people with yoga and make them aware about the various benefits of yoga.

As mentioned earlier, the exhibition was also combined with the certificate giving ceremony. Six of our students of TTC program qualified the test and were given certificate of completion, the six students were Namrata Dammani, Renu Yadav, Priyanka Vaish, Gurvi Naidu, Sunita Ratre and Navdeep Ragnare. These students passed the TTC program with flying colours and are now ready to explore their horizon in the field of yoga.

A yoga dance was also presented by kids. The kids Shubhang Jha, Aakriti Jha, Darshita Jha, Siddharth Dahariya and Ritesh presented a beautiful yoga dance that left the audience mesmerised. The whole dance was choreographed by Baleshwar Chandravanshi and Samaakshi Jha.

yoga dance
yoga exhibition pic6

The whole event saw large influx of people from different fields. The event started at 7 and people kept coming till noon. Mayor of Raipur Mr. Pramod Dubey also graced the event with his presence.

Shivesh Dwivedi and Abhimanyu Jha presented live music show and kept the visitors engaged with their melodies. Everybody was hooked to their seats and in awe as the two boys created musical ambience.

The event ended on a happy note with the promise of bringing yet another beautiful event soon.

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